Well hello!

Well hello and welcome to my very first blog post. I’ve started One Soup at a Time for a variety of reasons but mainly just because I love soup. Hot, cold, savoury, sweet – the options are endless.  Soup doesn’t have to be fancy but it’s easy to jazz it up a bit for a special occasion. What’s not to like?

I hate the idea of wasting food so making soup from leftovers and scraps is ideal – one of the simplest upcycling projects possible. Most of my soups are the result of using up bits and pieces, experimenting and rescuing meals that have gone wrong so I don’t normally work to a recipe. The results are normally pretty good so I will really, really try to document what I’m doing so you can replicate my soups for yourself.

I don’t eat meat so the majority of the recipies I feature will be suitable for vegetarians. That said, I hope to feature some guest recipes from friends and family and I’d like to give them free reign to chose the recipe that they really want to share, regardless of ingredients. If it is a meat based recipe they choose I’ll do my best to provide a veggie friendly adaptation alongside. Now, can I trust my friends or will they seek the most ridiculously meaty recipe they can think of just to see me struggle? Hmm, we’ll see.


Val x

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