Fridge soup

A selection of leftover veg

Tonight’s soup isn’t the recipe I’d intended posting – actually it isn’t a recipe at all, more like some encouragement to use up your leftovers. I have a gorgeous recipe from my friend at @bright_copper_kettels on Instagram that I’m dying to try out (more of that later in the week). However, life got in the way today and I found myself rushing home from a great day out with no time to shop or cook. I still need my lunch for the week ahead though so what better than a big pot of fridge soup!

The picture above shows all the veg sitting in my fridge or vegetable basket that may otherwise have gone to waste. Ok – I hate food waste and I wouldn’t let that happen, but it *could*. So, I simply prepped it, added two OXO vegetable stock pots, water, garlic and some dried parsley cooked until the veg was tender.

I wanted to add some protein to make it even more nutritious, so opted for one can of Cannellini beans and one can of Borlotti beans. Do you ever find yourself with a huge surplus of one ingredient? I’ve no idea why I have quite so many tins of beans, but I do and it was time to start using them!

When I make a fridge soup, I always split the soup in two. I blend half, then mix the remaining soup back through. That is a habit that goes back decades. Some of my friends had a *very* intense debate one evening – should soup be blended or not? Needless to say, they couldn’t agree so I go with my half and half approach to make sure both groups are happy (or equally unhappy).

The result… not bad, not bad at all! So, get rummaging in your fridge and get cooking.

A bowl of vegetable soup with beans

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